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WIFI Coverage Solution

Specific needs analysis

1. Realize the full coverage of the wireless network in the entire village of about 3 square kilometers to meet the daily Internet needs of tourists and villagers.

2. The number of access is required to reach 2000 people.

3. Support Chinese network, wireless access is realized through web page authentication.

4. Wireless transmission is realized for 37 channels of video surveillance in the main areas, entrances, exits and intersections in the village.

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Network Architecture Design

1. The network architecture design is realized by the Wifi marketing system (authentication server) + wireless base station + wireless AP.

Maxon Wireless AP Series:


2. The overall realization is achieved by wireless transmission, which will not be limited by the influence of the terrain environment, effectively solve the problems of building blockage and difficult optical fiber construction, the wireless signal quality of each AP point is guaranteed.

3. MX-B5012-DI12 is used as an outdoor dual-band bridge, 2.4G is used for wireless coverage, and 5.8G is used for data send back. It can meet the transmission requirements of monitoring while realizing wireless Internet access.

Maxon Bridge Series


4. The Wifi marketing system not only realizes the authentication function of wireless access, but also meets the needs of commercial operation.

Wireless Design and realization

Considering of the distance we finally installed 2 base stations in order to ensure the signal quality of the wireless network at the same time. the AP coverage of 2.4G is planned to be 100 meters, and the number of APs needs to be increased correspondingly in places with more tourists numbers such as the entrance to the village and the tourist service center.

By the on site investigation, there are lots of 3-5 stories building without commanding height. we choosing a base station pending on the approximate range and selected the most suitable point within the area. In order to avoid signal occlusion, most of the devices are installed in higher positions such as roofs, electrical poles, and house walls.

At each monitoring point, the MX-B5012-DI12 is transmitted back to the base station directly transmitted by the MX-B5061-DE16, and then back to the monitoring center through the backbone link composed of the MX-B5061-DE16.

The network center is set up in the visitor service center and the new village committee. The network center is connected to 5x 100M optical fibers of China Telecom. Four of them are allocated for wireless coverage which is 400Mbps.

By the two MX-B5061-DI12 installed on the roof pole, the wireless transmission is connected to the two base stations, and then the MX-B5061-DE16 of the base station transmits to each AP, and finally realizes the access and Internet access of terminals such as mobile phones and computers.

The AP is set to routing mode, the DHCP function is turned on as well as the mobile computer and so on is assigned an IP address by the AP. The gateway of the AP points to different optical modems to ensure that each AP can obtain enough bandwidth, and the average 5 APs equally share the 100Mbps bandwidth.


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