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On Vehicle Wireless Communication Solutions

On Vehicle Wireless Communication Solutions

Maxon on vehicle wireless communication solutions description (coming...) 

MD5012A-ME5-V 802.11ac Dual-band Indoor Wireless AP

MD5012A-ME5-V dual-band wireless access point supports IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac and MIMO. The highest rate is up to 1167Mbps, the number of accesses can reach 128, supports AP/Client working modes to meet different application requirements.

MX5011B-DE17-V Outdoor 802.11an/ac Industrial Wireless Bridge

MX5011B-DE17-V Outdoor 802.11ac wireless bridge supports the 802.11a/n/ac protocol, MIMO 2*2 standard with a maximum rate of 867Mbps, optimizing the use of bandwidth and Internet speed.

MX5012A-ME10-V Dual-Band WiFi5 Industrial Wireless Access Point

MX5012A-ME10-V Outdoor High Performance Dual-band wireless AP, support MIMO standard, highest rate 1167Mbps, the maximum number of accesses can reach 128, supports multiple working modes of AP/Client to meet different application requirements, It adopts POE remote power supply to make network deployment easier.

MX8012C-V Industrial IOT On-Vehicle Seamless-Roaming Dual- band WiFi 5 Communication Module

Industrial dual-band WiFi 5 communication module provides professional wireless communication for warehousing logistics, manufacturing, electrical, transportation and other industries.