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Integrated Pipe Gallery Solution


The integrated underground pipeline is generally built underground in the city such as electric power, communication, water supply, heat, energy, etc.

The common monitoring objects include: ambient temperature, humidity, harmful gas, ventilation, water pump equipment, sump level, intrusion detection, video monitoring in the pipeline.

The underground pipeline monitoring system is constructed with advanced computer technology, communication technology and control technology.

Secure the safety of pipelines (power cables, water supply and drainage pipes, gas pipelines), the safety of environment (harmful gas, stagnant water, temperature and humidity, fans or water pumps, lighting) and personnel safety (entrance and exit management, personnel positioning, remote broadcasting, emergency communication) to realize "automatic monitoring and intelligent management".

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Industrial Ethernet networking application of integrated underground pipeline

The structure of the integrated underground pipeline system consists of three parts: the monitoring centre, the communication transmission, and the on-site detection.

The monitoring centre is the core of the entire network. It contacts coordinates, controls and manages the work of each subsystem.

The communication transmission layer consists of industrial switches and various network transmission equipment. It is responsible for providing access to the data collected by detecting equipment and uploading it to the

monitoring centre, and at the same time transmitting the control instructions issued by the monitoring centre to each node on site.

The on-site detection consists of network cameras, sensors and PLC. The PLC is responsible for collecting the detection signals in the underground pipeline and controlling the equipment in the underground pipeline to enter the unit.

When a device fails, the entire network can quickly be recovered within 20ms.


1. Safe and reliable for ensuring long-term stable operation in the underground pipeline.

2. The equipment must have good wide range temperature resistance, dust-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion-proof abilities.

3. It has an abundant QOS mechanism to ensure the normal transmission of multi-application services in the integrated underground pipeline.

4. To meet the application of video surveillance requirements to provide sufficient bandwidth and forwarding ability.

5. Provide reliable redundant network or optical bypass protection network, which can quickly recover in case of failure.


1. Personnel positioning: the location is displayed in real time, and the positioning accuracy can reach 5 meters.

2. Personnel trace monitoring: display the real-time movement when an abnormal situation occurs. Playback also available.

3. Task reminder: Specify the task and walking route. The alarm will be prompted by mobile messages or tag vibration when router goes wrong.

4. Network upload: data upload. The reserved expansion function transmits mobile video through the locator.

5. User management: user information entry, permission settings.

6. Label information maintenance: Labels can be assigned to personnel.

7. Area alarm: people entering or leaving the dangerous area can alarm.

8. Query: maintenance and query of related operation or alarm logs. The information of the entire network monitoring system is processed together, including information setting, recording, forwarding and query.

9. System management: maintenance, log query, data import & export, backup, upload, etc.

10. Wireless intercom: The walkie-talkie can perform wireless intercom through network access.

Integrated underground pipeline communication project design


Topological map of underground pipeline positioning project

underground pipeline positioning project

1. The overall networking includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth iBeacon;

2. High-power directional APs are used for Wi-Fi coverage, and one set is deployed every 100 meters. The uplink core switching network uses optical fiber transmission, and the power supply uses POE injectors to obtain power nearby;

3. Bluetooth iBeacon coverage adopts Bluetooth iBeacon, which are deployed every 10 meters, without wiring, and powered by built-in lithium battery (battery lifetime is about 3-5 years);

4. The Wi-Fi networking is a "AP+AC" architecture, and the AC is the wireless controller for configuration and management;

5. The positioning card supports both Wi-Fi and iBeacon, and the related software for positioning and positioning runs in the positioning server;

The positioning principle of underground pipeline

1. The positioning card obtains the current position coordinate information by receiving the signal of the iBeacon;

2. The positioning card uploads the current location coordinate information through the Wi-Fi signal;

3. The location coordinate information is sent to the location server;

4. After the location server is processed, the location information is visualized;

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