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Access Point Host Board Wireless Motherboard Integrated with 5g Radio Module MXDR342-NAS

Access Point Host Board Wireless Motherboard Integrated with 5g Radio Module MXDR342-NAS

Category: WIFI Embedded Board



  • Featuring with industrial-grade Atheros's AR9342(533 MHz) chipset
  • Integrated with 2x 2 5G high power (up to 30dBm aggregate ) Radio Card
  • 5.180GHz to 5.825GHz Frequency Range
  • 1x10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Port
  • 2 x 5G MMCX Connectors
  • 20M/40M Bandwidth
  • Support LTE/3G application(Optional)
  • RoHS compliance ensure a high level protection of human health and the
  • environment from risks that can be posed by chemicals


  • Security Surveillance
  • Commercial radio coverage
  • Hotel Wireless application
  • Country coverage
  • Forest fire protection engineering
  • Some special scene application

Product Description

MXDR342-NGS27 based on Atheros/AR9342 chipset is an enterprise wireless motherboard integrated with 2x2 5G high power (up to 30dbm aggregate) Radio card designed specifically to provide users with mobile access to high-bandwidth video streaming, voice, and data transmission for office and challenging RF environment in factories, warehouses establishment. It can be easily ungraded to the latest version of firmware by just a few clicks on the GUI.

Absolute Maximum Rating

Parameter Rating Unit
Supply Voltage 0 to +56 V
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +70 ºC
Storage Temperature Range -65 to +105 ºC
Operating Humidity Range 5 to +95 (non-condensing) %
Storage Humidity Range 0 to +90 (non-condensing) %

Operating Conditions

Parameter Rating Unit
Supply Voltage(DC Jack) +12 to +56 V
POE +24 to +56 V
Temperature -40 to +70 ºC

Hardware Specifications

Symbol Parameter
CPU Atheros AR9342 530MHz processor frequency
System Memory 64M DDR2
NOR Flash 16MB
Switch IC Atheros AR8035-AL1AR 1 GIGA port PHY/RGMII switch
Power IC TI/TPS5436

Power consumption

6W(Board Only)
1000MLAN port
POE define
Pin 4/5 and pin 7/8 connect to the anode or cathode respectively
POE input
Antenna Connector 2 x 5G MMCX connectors
Power Connector 1 x DC JACK D(center)=2.1mm Max 50V DC
Power Solution DC Jack Input: 12-56V, Passive POE: 24 -56V
LAN Connector 1 x 1000M LAN port
ROHS Compliance YES
Reset Button RT push button
Dimension 99mm x 85mm x 16mm
Socket Height Mini PCIE 9.2mm

Radio TX Specifications

Operating Mode Data Rate Power Tolerance
1 Chain 2 Chains

6 Mbps 27dBm 30dbm ±2dB
54 Mbps 23dBm 26dbm ±2dB

802.11n HT20
MCS0, MCS8 27dBm 30dbm ±2dB
MCS7, MCS15 22dBm 25dbm ±2dB

802.11n HT40
MCS0, MCS8 27dBm 30dbm ±2dB
MCS7, MCS15 22dBm 25dbm ±2dB

Radio RX Specifications

Operating Mode Data Rate Sensitivity

6 Mbps -94dBm
54 Mbps -75dBm

802.11n HT20
MCS0, MCS8 -92dBm
MCS7, MCS15 -73dBm

802.11n HT40
MCS0, MCS8 -90dBm
MCS7, MCS15 -70dBm



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