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Embedded Video Board Video Decoder Board HI3531A

Embedded Video Board Video Decoder Board HI3531A

Category: Industrial Embedded Digital Transmission Module


Size: 80x75.8mm


Processor core
ARM Cortex A9 Dual-Core @1.1GHz
32KB L1 I-Cache,32KB L1 D-Cache
256KB L2 Cache
Support NEON/FPU

Multi-protocol video codec

H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile Level4.2 Codec
MJPEG/JPEG Baseline Codec

Video codec processing

H.264&JPEG Multi-stream codec performance:
8x1080p@30fps H.264 Coding+8xCIF@30fps H.264 Coding+4x1080p@30fps H.264 Decoding+8x1080p@2fps JPEG Coding
16x720p@30fps H.264 Coding+16xCIF@30fps H.264 Coding+8x720p@30fps H.264 Decoding+16x720p@2fps JPEG Coding
32x960H@30fps H.264 Coding+32xCIF@30fps H.264 Coding+8x960H@30fps H.264 Decoding+32x960H@2fps JPEG Coding
32xD1@30fps H.264 Coding+32xCIF@30fps H.264 Coding+16xD1@30fps H.264 Decoding+32xD1@2fps JPEG Coding
Support CBR/VBR rate control
Support fixed QP
Coded frame rate supports 1/16 fps to full frame rate
Support for Region of Interest (ROI) coding
Support color to gray code

Video and graphics processing

Supports de-interlace, sharpening, 3D denoising, dynamic contrast enhancement, mosaic processing, etc.
Support video, graphic output anti-flicker processing
Support video 1/15~16x zoom
Support graphics 1/2~2x zoom
Support 4 occlusion areas
Support for 8 regional OSD overlays

Audio codec

Hardware implementation of multi-protocol audio coding,support ADPCM, G.711,G.726
Software implements multi-protocol audio codec



Development version

Hi3531A V100R001C01SPC040

Development environment


Reserved resource introduction

1.Gigabit network port*1  2.Debug serial port*1  3.I2C*2(One of them is multiplexed with SPI)

5.TTL serial port*3       6.SPI*1(The chip select signal is multiplexed with a set of PCIE)
7.PCIE*1 8.I2S*4 9.USB2.0*1
10.USB3.0*1 11.RTC 12.VO BT1120 Output*1
13.HDMI Output*1 14.PWM Signal*3 15.VI BT1120 Input*4(
Can be used as 8-way BT656 and each BT656 has a separate CLK)
16.VGA Output*1 17.CVBS Output*1  




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