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Embedded Video Board High Quality Video Board 3519-IMX226-IN

Embedded Video Board High Quality Video Board 3519-IMX226-IN

Category: Industrial Embedded Digital Transmission Module




CPU Type: HI3519V101
A7@800MHz,32KB I-Cache,32KB D-Cache /128KBL2 cache
A17@ 1.25GHz,32KB I-Cache,32KB D-Cache/256KB L2 cache
Support for Neon acceleration, integrated FPU processing unit
Support for ARM® big.LITTLE size core architecture

Video decoding standard

H.264 BP/MP/HP
H.265 Main Profile
MJPEG/JPEG Baseline Coding
H.264/H.265 supports I/P/B frames and supports dual P frame reference

Video coding standard

Encoding can support a maximum resolution of 16M(4608x3456)Pixel
Multi-stream real-time coding capability
3840*2160@30fps+1080P@30fps+3840*2160@2fps Capture
Supports maximum JPEG capture performance 3840*2160@30fps 3840*2160@30fps;Support CBR/VBR/FIXQP/AVBR/QPMAP five rate control modes
Output rate is up to 100Mbps
Support for 8 ROI codes raphics 1/2~2x zoom
Support 8-code pre-processing OSD overlay
Support video graphics overlay
Support two independent ISP processing
Support 3A (AE/AWB/AF) function, 3A control user can adjust
Support for fixed mode noise (FPN) function
Support for strong light suppression, backlight compensation, gamma, color enhancement
Support for dead pixel correction, denoising, digital image stabilization
Support defogging
Support lens distortion correction, support fisheye correction
Support image 90 degree / 270 degree rotation
Support image Mirror,Flip
Support Sensor Build-In WDR,4F/3F/2F - Frame base/Linebase WDR and Local Tone mapping, the second ISP support only Sensor Build-In WDR,2F - Frame base/Line baseWDR and Local Tone mapping
Provide PC side ISP tuning tools

Audio codec

Multi-protocol speech codec through software
Protocol supports G.711, G.726, ADPCM
Support audio 3A(AEC/ANR/ALC) processing



Development version


Development environment



Video rtsp network push stream 4K/720P
Video recording and save locally
Uart serial port


1.DC-5V 2.RJ45 3.USB2.0 4.MIC-IN
5.DEGUG 6.TF Card 7.IR-CUT 8.Photoresistance


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